Local Irish Businesses Helping The Homeless

​The Gibson Hotel - Dublin
​Sunday 21st Jan ​10am - 4​pm


Spend One Day And You Will ​...

  • Make More Sales
  • Have More Time
  • Reduce Your  Costs
  • ​Discover how you can save money using a remote workforce
  •  Increase Your Sales At A Fraction Of  The cost! 
  • Learn What Parts OF The Digital To Use In Your Business
  • And So Much More!

​The Gibson Hotel - Dublin
​Sunday 21st Jan ​10am - 4​pm


€​47 less Eventbrite fees goes directly to the charities
​EVERYTHING else is sponsored

(lunch is available for €10 - you can purchase it on the day)

This Event Any Other Time Of the Year Would Be At Least €497

Some of What You Will Be Shown

  • How To Take Your Brick and Mortar business Online
  • ​Using digital for your Accounting
  • ​​Automating tasks within your business to free up your time
  • ​​​Using Social Media EFFECTIVELY to grow your business
  • ​​​​The new email regulations and how to leverage them
  • Why You Must Digitize To Future Proof Your Business
  • ​​​​Introducing online payments to your business
  • ​​​​​Tips to help you get paid

​The Gibson Hotel - Dublin
​Sunday 21st Jan ​10am - 4​pm

Tickets cost €47 - everything less Eventbrite fees goes directly to the 2 charities  (lunch is available for €10 - you can purchase it on the day)

Speakers And What They will be Sharing With You...

​H​ow Littlewoods transformed their​ home catalogue business into ​one of the biggest online stores...

​Fiona is part of a multi-award winning marketing team which have won various awards for their campaigns such as Best Integrated Search Strategy UK & Ireland, Best overall campaign the Drum Search awards, Best Integration of Search at the Landy’s, E-commerce Website of the year at the AIMs in 2016 to name a few.

Most recently Fiona's team won Best Search at the DMA's and also Best Use of Social Media for the launch of V by Very.

​FIONA LEE  //  ​Digital Marketing Manager  - Littlewoods Ireland and UK

​Making your business more efficient using digital systems...

​Over 20 years experience in investment management & asset management. Current role of Head of European Sales & Marketing.
​International Keynote speaker - on stage in Ireland, UK, all over Europe, the Middle East and in the US. Radio show host - National radio. Outside of the Investment world Doug runs 2 businesses: DDG Performance Optimisation and Body Health and Soul.

​Doug Gordon  //  ​International Keynote Speaker

​Why LinkedIn is one of the most effective B2B platforms...

​Gearoid will ​walk you ​through how you can grow your business using LinkedIn in 2018.

Senior Demand Generation Manager with LinkedIn


​How to ​make ​Sales ​Online ​FAST...

​Simple and fast ways to make sales online. For any business.

With over 3 decades of sales and marketing experience, ​Anthony brings a no nonsense approach to using the internet. With over a decade of marketing online​, Anthony has had the privilege of working with some of the best online marketers in the world. Anthony has traveled the world speaking at conferences on online marketing and using the web to automate and grow your business.

​ANTHONY MC CARTHY  //  Irish Marketer

​Remote Workers are 21% more productive...

​Discover how to digitize your workforce. How to develop a highly engaged workforce. From one of the top Fortune ​100 Companies in the US. 

Zane Corriher is a performance expert who focuses on business and personal development. He coaches and develops business leaders all around the globe for a Fortune 100 company. ​

​ZANE CORRIHER //  ​Mondalez - Fortune 500 Insights 

​Social Media is an essential part of growing your business in 2018...

​"​Your market spend ​an average of 30 minutes a day on Social Media. Find out where they are, who they are and ​how they want to do business with you!"

Denise Horan ​is a ​recognised expert in Digital Marketing​. ​She was involved with one of Ireland's fastest growing multi national companies as the ​Head of ​Design and ​Marketing for the UK and Ireland. She has ​since gone on to run a worldwide team of web designers, content creators​ and digital marketers​. Denise is always at the cutting edge of the ever changing world of the Internet.

​DENISE HORAN  //  ​Denise Inspired

​Adapting to Digital Change...

​Managing change​, building a vision and mission for business and developing your team to embrace digital change.

​Pat Slattery is no ordinary speaker or coach, leaving school at 14yrs old he began working in the hotel industry, at 15 years old Pat began working in the security industry, by having an incredibly positive attitude and outstanding work ethic along with his determination to give 100% to everything he does, Pat went on to build his security business to a point where it turned over €25,000,000, he has successfully brought other companies to the level where they have generated millions of euro.

​PAT SLATTERY //  ​Pat Slattery International

​Make More Money and Reduce Your Costs...

​Systems that can help you make more money and reduce cost and Digital secrets from multinationals.

MD Of Aperio Finance with 15+ years in business and has implemented 30+ systems in countries around the world – Ireland, UK, US, Malaysia, Italy, Germany. He has previously worked for Kerry, arvato (Bertlesmann), Carbery Group, Abtran and his Biggest digital project managed €2m+ budget and has sold individual technology and service contracts worth over €10m.

​BRIAN O'MAHONY  //  ​Aperio Finance

​What ​every company must know about the ​GD​PR ...

​Kevin is a an industry recognised email marketing​ expert. ​His company is one of the most respected software companies in the em​ail sector, specialising in ensuring your emails get delivered directly to the inbox of your customers​.

​KEVIN POLLEY  //  ​​ARP Reach - Director

joe clancy clancon build

​Fireside Chat...

​Anthony Mc Carthy catches up with 2 business owners both in the construction industry. Both have seriously disrupted their business using digital methods. 

Joe Clancy - Clancon Build Ltd

Joe​ is a ​Construction professional with 23 years’ experience in the construction industry​. His company Clancon Build is one of the most sought after construction companies in Dublin. Joe is ​a true philanthropist. He works tirelessly to help the homeless charities in Dublin​. Joe is also heavily involved in Hope 4 Haiti, a charity set up to help build orphanages in Haiti.

Pat Beausang - Passive Sills

Pat is MD of Passive Sills. They provide superior window sills and over sills to the construction and external insulation industries. Passive Sills are produced from high density expanded polystyrene and coated with our Passive Sills polymer resin. Pats issue was no one knew what his product was, he will talk about how he used Social Media to educate his customers and grow his market.

If you are in business, or you want to start a business then you 
​SMEs | Sole Traders | ​Entrepreneurs ...
There will be time for
Networking with like minded people

​The Gibson Hotel - Dublin
​Sunday 21st Jan ​10am - 4​pm

And If That Wasn't Enough for you to Grab Your ticket then read on...

​This event is not for profit 
​ALL of the proceeds go to 2 Homeless Charities here in Dublin

There is no doubt that the Homeless Crisis in Ireland has hit an all time high. That is why we are coming together in an attempt to help in some small way to ease what they are going through.

This event is proudly brought to you by 3 Irish Business owners...
Anthony Mc Carthy, Denise Horan and Joe Clancy
Joe Clancy works alot with these 2 homeless charities, he has seen first hand the work these guys do on a daily basis...

​Inner City Helping Homeless

Inner City Helping Homeless was formed in November 2013 to combat the ever growing homeless crisis that was clearly evident across the city of Dublin.

​Currently operat​ing a 7 day outreach service across the city and county with outreach teams on foot supported by our mobile outreach units. ​Their outreach support service operates nightly​, providing access to beds, sleeping bags, food or case management refferal. Inner City Helping Homeless operate a 16 hour daily mobile outreach service, responding to rough sleeper reports within 15 minutes of a call. This service is also operating 7 days per week.

​ICHH do not receive any government funding and ​are 100% volunteer run.

For more information visit: www.ichh.ie


​The Caph​ucin Day Centre For Homeless People

​Situated in Dublin's City Centre The Caphuchin Day Centre provides dinner to hundreds of homeless people each day. Providing hot meals and shower facilities throughout the day. The centre is fun by Kevin ​Crowley and Sean
Don​ohoe. Surviving on donations from the public this resource has become a life saver for so many. ​

Apart from food aid and thanks to ​donations, a sizable portion of ​their expenditure is on footwear, socks, underwear, t-shirts, emergency rainwear, tents and sleeping bags, personal hygiene products, hospital packs, hats, scarves, emergency transport costs, assistance for bereaved families etc. baby supplies and children’s essentials. While donated clothing​ is distributed for health and safety reasons, ​the preference is to supply new clothing where possible.

For more information visit : ​www.capuchindaycentre.ie


Tickets cost €47 - everything less Eventbrite fees goes directly to the 2 charities  (lunch is available for €10 - you can purchase it on the day)

​The Gibson Hotel - Dublin
​Sunday 21st Jan ​10am - 4​pm

Thank You To Our Sponsors

Please note this is a not for profit business event. We have to thank our sponsors for helping with all of our expenses: venues, advertising, printing, teas and coffees 

Tickets cost €​47 - ​All money minus Eventbrite fees goes directly to the charities named above. The funds raised will be shared in ​2 equal measures and distributed. Funds are being handled by an external financial company - a full set of accounts will be published after the event.

​The Gibson Hotel - Dublin
​Sunday 21st Jan ​10am - 4​pm

Tickets cost €47 - everything less Eventbrite fees goes directly to the 2 charities  (lunch is available for €10 - you can purchase it on the day)

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