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Anthony is first and foremost a husband and a father of five children. He has spent over 3 decades in the Sales and Marketing arena, making his first sale at the age of eighteen.  For the past decade he has been at the cutting edge of Digital Marketing.

Anthony’s companies have generate millions of dollars is sales and his approach is always to focus on the customer first. He has said ‘ the only opinion of your product or service that really matters is that of the person who has paid you for them” . He goes on to say “ impressions are great, when you are dating and its great to be liked, however for most business owners, who need results, not to create a brand, you need sales, otherwise you will fade into the past.”

His approach is no nonsense and has be forged in the fires of success and failures over his career. Anthony has closed businesses and suffered losses as well as extraordinary success. One single sale he made was €6.2 million euros, in just one sale. However Anthony wants all his clients to be successfully and will tell people what they want to hear, he will always tell what they must hear. He says “ I wish I had someone to tell me "No to do that", at times in my business, I want people not to just learn from my success, but to also learn from my failures.”

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