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“If Your Customers can't find your Business, They Spend Their Money With One  Of Your Competitors”


You Can Now, Get An unfair Advantage over Your Competition...

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Get An Unfair Advantage over your competition By Being At The Top Of Google...

We all know that our customers are using Google on their smartphones to find our businesses. However what happens if they cannot find us. 

They go to the next company that google recommends. Now Google have come out, with some amazing changes, that will allow you to finally get to the top of google for your business!.

Thats where you always should have been so people can find your business,  under your name. Remember the mobile phone has replaced the phone book, so if they can not find you, fast, your customers move on! 

Now most business owners, mistakenly believe that when they put up their website, that since it's their business name, they will rank for that name. 

Well, that's not always the case, also people now use a range of google tools to search for your business.  So if you do not have the full suite, you won't rank! Or you won't be found the way you customer is looking for you!

So many business owners believe that New business, is the only way forward, However smart business owners know that you, first make it easy for your existing customers to do business with you again and again, Then when you existing customers refer your business, you want the new potential customer to be able to find you fast!

Google Want You to embrace this  - And Its Actually By Google!

Lets be honest, Google know that they have made it too hard for you to get found on google.

So they have now made improvements that anyone can apply and no you dont have to be a super nerd to do this. (if after you attend the program and you think you would like to have someone do i for you, I have a team in place to help you out!)

So Now Google have made amends and its first come first served!, more on that in a bit..

Remember, your customers are being subconsciously trained to get everything they want in an instant.  


Get found fast by people who are looking to do business with you!


You need to be found easily and now you can.


Google have said, being found easily, increasces sales!

The Internet is all about SPEED!-
You're Either First or Nowhere!

The challenge in today's fast moving world is speed. You need to avail of the any competitive edge you can get instantly. 

​Your customers are now used to instant everything, instant music, instant news, instant TV, everything digitally, now has to happen in an instant. 

So lets take an example,  - One of your customers. is out and wants to call you, regarding an order, however they did not save your phone number, what do they do?
​They pick up their smartphone and google you, right?

 Don't we all do it?

 What happens if they cannot find you, they either go somewhere else, or don't repeat buy from you!

So, google who know more about us than our mothers, have come out and said that you could lose up to 70% of your business! if you existing clients cannot find you FAST!

In Simple Terms

  • check
    You Must Be found Quickly.
  • check
    You must make it easy for your customers to engage with you!
  • check
    You must also have... well more about that on the program t.

Now for Some of the Tech Stuff ,
Good News  I got you Covered!

You see Google are constantly updating and improving their search engine, especially since they are under pressure from the likes of facebook. The good news for us is we can gain from the War.

Some of the people are calling the latest change Hawk and how it helps businesses like yours and mine. Basically they have set up a system, for you to get found by your customers. 

Look the bottom line is You can Leverage Off my decade's of Experience.

That way you get to move fast and not learn by your mistakes.

Also as i am an expert you will learn how to get the maximum result for the least amount of effort, so you can carry on with your business.. the fastest way to success is to walk in the footsteps of someone who knows what they are doing!

Yes, Now it's Time For Your Business to have - “Google Local Domination”


Watch  Over My Shoulder as I get one of my High end coaching clients to the top of Google. 

Remember this about your customers finding you, fast!.

This is what you will get: 


Step by Step:You will look over my shoulder as I show exactly what I did for a client. How you too can do it in simple steps. 


Full Checklist: We will give you a checklist to make sure that you have all the vital steps covered. 


Support: I will give you my personal email so you can email me any question, sometimes you just need a quick hand. 

See what our customers and colleagues have to say:

"This Just Works..."

"We were amazed at how fast this worked for our business. We can see the difference already and its only happened a few days ago. 

Everything Anthony does is at the cutting edge and you want him on your team, not your competitors. Grab this now while you have the chance. .

Patrick Beasung

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Online SEO and Email Marketing Expert. 

You Can Now, Get An unfair Advantage over Your Competition...

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't see how amazing this is and how it will instantly help your business. I will refund you 100%. 

Is this Some Google Hack?

No, its not a hack! as a matter of fact, this is by google themselves. I can't say more here as you don't your competition knowing this New found knowledge that is going to explode you onto the top of google. 

Can I Just Find this Out Myself?

Sure you can, however I have shown this to some of the top Search Engine Optimisation People in the world and they had not seen it yet. 

Does this work for any Business?


You Can Now, Get An unfair Advantage over Your Competition...

Sign up now before one of your competitors does!

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"We want to make sure the thing you're looking for is on Google 100 percent of the time.”  

Eric Schmidt :Former CEO of Google!

P.S.: if you hesitate, chances are your competition will not and your customer will find them more easily, then they will do business there. 

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