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Ways To Scale And Digitize your Business

Digitize Or Die Program

Do You Have A WEBSITE, 

But Is It 


On The Job?

As a business owner, 

We all have websites and in some case different types of digital presence,

However are they "asleep on the job"? many of my clients have had the digital part of their business, just being a cost to them. the internet was never actually being utilised for what it was meant to.

To Generate Profit...

Get Your Business 

Get An Unfair Advantage over your competition By Being At The Top Of Google...

We all know that our customers are using Google on their smartphones to find our businesses. However what happens if they cannot find us. 

They go to the next company that google recommends. Now Google have come out, with some amazing changes, that will allow you to finally get to the top of google for your business!. 

Thats where you always should have been so people can find your business,  under your name...

Make Videos that Make Sales

Video is here to stay You must use it To Your Advantage 

From Facebook live, to youtube to sales on your website. 

Video is not the most powerful tool available to all business owners.

People want to know who are the people behind the business and what you stand for. So from branding, to customer engagement  to making sales, Video is one of the strongest tools you can have. 

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Social Media Mastery

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How To Get More Customers Even While You Sleep! 

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How To Make More Profit, without Getting A New Customer!

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Working For  Yourself can be By Tough However, Smart Business Owners know that...

Remarkable things happen when people pursue their passions. But passion alone isn't enough to produce entrepreneurial success. It must be combined with knowledge, guidance and encouragement to bring business possibilities to life.

Thriving entrepreneurs often cite mentoring as a critical component of their success...

​Digital Assessment 

Are you using The Internet   For your Business? However Are You Getting The Best results...

You have implemented some social media, you have a website,  However it's just not working, the way you thought it would.

What is it your missing, a pair of experienced eyes to look over your complete digital landscape and see what's missing and how you can get it working for your business...


Sometimes  Your business Just needs some Specific Guidance, from an experienced pair of hands ..

You just want some advice or training in one specific are or you digital business.  Or have someone come in just to help you stay on track with your digital plan, even help you access your plan to make sure you are on the right track. 

Anthony Mc Carthy | Irish Marketer | Online and mobile marketing specialist

What You Should Know About Anthony Mc Carthy; the Irish Marketer

Anthony Mc carthy helps Business owners like you, to quickly and effectively transition from traditional business models to a symbiotic Digital and Traditional business model. 

For over 3 decades Anthony has owned and operated Traditional and digital businesses, that have generated millions of dollars in sales. He has also run the gauntlet of business and understands the ups and downs and the ebbs and flows of  business. He has walked the walk and talks the talk. 

Anthony now teaches business owners and managers, how to successfully digitally transform their business, by integrating the parts of the digitally world, that work for your business and teaching you to digard what does not work for your business.

Whether its, growing your sales through an automated funnel, that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or integrating what works in your day to day business, into the digitally world so you profits grow, while maintaining or reducing your costs, to payment systems, to  generating more business from your current client base. All while looking at the pratical issues of your business. 

Anthonys goal is to assist you in making your business more profitable. 


"From day one my head began to say 'Nah what Anthony is saying isn't going to work for my business' but he and time have proved me wrong. By testing different ads and looking at the analytics as Anthony suggests, I have found a way to make money from my site even while I sleep. 

His strategies work - simple as!."

Sean McCarthy CEO, Naturespharm Ltd


"I count myself fortunate to be working with Anthony McCarthy. He pushes through all the hype and cut incisively to the heart of what was holding my business back. He is a digital marketing genius who is on the cutting edge of what is happening online. If you have the opportunity to work with him in any capacity, I can promise that you'll be glad you did."

Zane Corriher,Global Learning at Mondelez International. 


"I've been running my business, Inspired Design, for the last 3 years. But feel like Ive been running around in circles. Always chasing money, always paying everyone before myself. The worst part is I was very busy but not making a living. I started to work with Anthony Mc Carthy back in January. In the short few months since then I have turned my business around, I am now on top of my bills & getting a regular wage. My business is continuing to grow as I work with Anthony on Digitizing & automating my systems. I was a busy fool & getting no where. Now, Im still super busy but Im way more productive & I can finally see all my hard work paying off. I will continue to work with Anthony & attend his programmes as I know Im not even half way there to learning everything he can teach me about the online world.The great thing is he tells you what you need to do & then gives you the tools to do it. I have been in masterminds & heard Anthony talk to business owners from all different industries, if you think the online world isn't for you then I urge you to talk to him & let him prove you wrong. As he says if you are not getting sales online then there is revenue there which you are leaving behind."

Denise Horan, Inspired Design.  


Dara Murphy TD, Minister for Data Protection. 

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