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About Anthony Mc Carthy

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Over 3 Decades of Offline and Online Marketing and Sales Expertise.

From Retail to construction to the internet, Anthony has been a  serial entrepreneur. He has always been at the cutting edge of marketing and sales, for the past decade, he has specialised in online marketing. As in creating businesses online that make money.

Anthony believes in the saying, walk the walk not just talk the talk, he has created numerous 6 figure online businesses and muliti million dollar offline business.

He believes in keeping it simple, ignoring the jargon and finding out what works. Then keep reapeating it.  

The internet is now a fact of doing business for all business owners and all business owners, must now, acquire a working knowledge of what works. Not just this tactic or that, you must have an overall knowledge of what works for your business and ignore what does not work.  ”

Anthony Mc Carthy (online and offline marketing expert)

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