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Next Mastermind Is 8th July In Cork

Yes, Its a Saturday. As asked by You. At 9.00 Am. Only 10 people, In a group. 

This Deal Will Only Last 


Then the Page will be updated to the Price that you guys recommended, to €397

Whats Included.

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

4 Masterminds A Year...

Keep Climbing to the top of the Hill! 

Remain accountable, 95% of success from programs is being accountable. Keep the success you have had, moving forward.

Learn from the success of others in the group and make more profit.  

An intensive Day of focus!
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

A One To One With ME, Every Month that there is No Mastermind on

This is to keep your success going and to keep you on track. 

This is the same as having me sitting on your board of advisers. ​We can also bring on parts of the marketing and web team to the meetings, to make sure everything is on track. Have me fine tune your results, clear your message. Keep the online integration on track!

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Access To The Marketing Team At Preferential Rates 

Create more pages and use the full marketing services of the outsourcing team that I use. At the prices I pay, this amazing deal is agreed as by working with me, the team can get the tasks done faster! As you will know more and have me overlooking it. 

Use my outsourcing team and know that  you are in the hands of people that are doing this day to day. Also have me over looking your campaigns!

You will save more than the cost of the mastermind in the year, by using the team at my prices.  

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Private Facebook 

Access updates and ask Questions of me and the group. Priceless. 

This Offer is Available To You Only!