As you all know I am always preaching to consider MOBILE FIRST when it comes to your online presence …

I of course believe this to be law. But the results we received this week in an advertising campaign had EVEN ME surprised !

Without giving too much away we were working on an online advertising campaign for a client and part of it was an online competition. We were gathering leads, so the contestants needed to imput their email address to enter.

We got 356 entries in the first 24 hours which was a brilliant return but that wasn’t the interesting part. The interesting part was  out of 356 entries, only 3 of them were entered on a desktop … Yes you read that right

That means 353 entries out of 356 were on a mobile device!!!!!

This result is staggering and further hammers home what we have known for the last couple of years. That little device in your pocket is the key to the future of your business. Ignore it and you will regret it.

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