​Paddy had no idea of the internet or how it could change his business before he started the Digitize or Die Program. Now Paddy has gotten to date €180'000 worth of sales from €150.00 worth of Paid advertising 

Paddy is a fascinating character, who has been involved in the Sales arena for years. Paddy's challenge is he needed leads. However they needed to be qualified as each lead requires a phone call afterward, so basically we figured he needs to know who the tire kickers were compared to real buyers. In simple terms he needed

  • People who are interested
  • People who would invest some time
  • People who would accept a phone call.

So I worked with paddy and put him working with my web team. They created ​a simple lead capture page  

However this is where it got clever. We then had a two part form created. 85% of people did not complete the full form, however their email and details are captured. So they can be emailed automatically with all the benefits of the of why they should complete the process. 

The second page is where the prospect, qualifies for a call or not.  

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