Make Sales While You Sleep!

“Make Sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!”

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Just €547 per month for 3 months.

We guarantee you will make your money back and lots more besides. Learning this side of your business will put you ahead of the game when it comes to making money online. Can you afford not to do it? 

Most Business Owners have A Website, Smart Business Owners, Make Money From Their Website!

Most Business owners today have a website, however they don't realize that with some simple changes and focus, they  could be making sales 24/7, just like the smart business owners do!

They are billions of people online, who want to work with you. Yet, most companies are not online in a way to do business with their customers, they are just wasting money and whats worse THEY ARE LEAVING Sales BEHIND!

Smart business owners build online funnels, that make sales while they are asleep. 

It does not matter if you are a local business or international. Due to mobile phones, people are on the internet everywhere and all the time. That means your market is on the internet right now. You want them to be looking at you and doing business with you. So how can we do this?

Use Social Media And Email To Make More Sales.

Most companies are either not using social media and email or they are not using it CORRECTLY. Social Media and email is perfect for reminding your customers that you are open for business.

Smart business owners, know that an existing customer is easier to sell to. Smart business owners also know that using social media and email, is a great way to get new customers as well. 

Who Is This Program For

Managing Directors, Business Owners, Offline Businesses, Online Businesses, People looking to skill up on digital selling.  PEOPLE WHO WANT TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE !!!

  Smart Business Owners  Know: That Unless people come and can do business on your website!It's like having a GREAT STORE, in the middle of nowhere!

Most business websites are like the image above. There is no point in having a fantastic website if it is not getting any traffic. Thats why you can put a beautiful store in the middle of no where, will it make sales? No because there are no customers. The web is the same. Static websites are no longer enough we need to drive traffic to the sites and most importantly we need to sell to the customers when they get there. 

 ​If it works offline, it will work online.

Smart Business Owners 

Use email to sell more to those who have shown an interest.

Use Social media to get new customers and keep existing ones buying.

Use Your Website to sell more.

Join our programme with PROVEN results. It is time to take action and make money online...

  • Make sales 24/7.
  • Explode your sales using the internet.
  • Automate and outsource your system, to run when you are literally sleeping.

The Internet Is always on and...

allows your new customer to browse, check out your testimonials, see how great your work is or your products are... They can do all this and more from the comfort of their smart phone. 

It allows your customer interact with you and it allows you make sales and get enquiries, 24/7.

Most Businesses Have A Website: Smart Businesses  have an ONLINE SALES FUNNEL !!!

Smart Businesses: Explode Their Sales Using The Internet

What would it cost to put a salesperson on the road today, 50k to 100k and they will not work 24/7

The NET is always on: Smart business owners know that for a smaller investment, they have a huge potential ROI

What a few people who have worked with Anthony Say...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Amazing Results.”

“Working with Anthony has created amazing results for my business. We now understand who are our best customers and our best products to sell online. 

We now have a focused campaign, targeting our ideal customers and leading them to a simple purchase funnel.  "

Rachel Murphy
- Sales Director NP Liquid Glass

“Simple and effective...”

“This man, took my business and helped me create an online sales funnel, to get more customers.  Anthony keeps it real and simple. Any program that this man has, Iwill be doing it. My sales are growing every day and I am working less”

Patrick O Dowd
- Sales Trainer
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Single Sites”

“We sell many different products and have worked with Anthony he has shown us, how to get more sales using single, one page sites. 

The great thing is, he got us just to make a few simple adjustments to our existing sites and showed us how to get more sales. He even helped with a flyer, that has made us over 75k in sales in the past 12 months.

If you want to make more sales using the web, work with this man.”

Patrick Beasung
- Managing Director, Passive Sills

What You Get When You Sign Up Today!

This is the complete program to get you making sales online. 

Accountability: This is so important as part of the program. We all get together in a room and you get to see whats working and not for everyone elses. However it also keeps you focused in achieving results as you will be presenting in front of a peer group. 


23rd Feb: Building Your Funnel

2nd March: Understanding The Numbers

16th March: Upsells/Cross sells

23rd March: Traffic:Traffic:Traffic

6th April: Outsourcing your digital funnel

20th April: Facebook ads and how to on paid ads

27th April: Your Brands Story: How to deliver it

4th May: Email Marketing: Getting your customer to buy more.

18th May: Reverse Marketing

One To One Online Meetings

Feb, March, April, May:

One to One: call per month.

30 Minute: Skype focus call with Me, where we work on your Funnel.

PHONE A FRIEND BONUS: In case of panic: you get to phone me twice with the program.

MasterMind Meetings

Accountability: Focus and Training

Day1: 31st March

Day2: 2nd May

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Some More Clients View of the program!

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“It changed My Business Forever”

“As a web designer, you might wonder why I did Anthonys program. Well it was amazing and has changed my business forever. I now make more, work less and my business just keeps growing. Do his program, can't make any plainer, its deadly!”

- CEO Inspired Design

“Made 20 times return on Just One thing...”

“By just taking action on one thing that Anthony showed me, I made 20 times return.  Now my business is growing and I am making more money.”

Tony Galvin
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Anthony Mc Carthy
The Irish Marketer

About Anthony

Anthony has been marketing for over 3 decades and has built multi million euro businesses online and off. 

He is a best selling author and is one of the top international speakers on using mobile and the internet to make sales. 

It's Time to Start Using The Internet To Make sales

As A smart business owner you know that a salesperson that would work 24/7 would be amazing. the great news is you already have it, its your web site and what you do online. All it needs is some refining and training to take it to the next level. 

BONUS: Bring A Team Member for Free!

As a business owner, you may feel, that I give this to one of my team. Well great news, you can bring one, or a friend for free. That way, you will understand 100% how to use the internet to grow your business and how to measure what works and what does not. 

Smart business owners delegate. or outsource. however to do this successfully, smart business owners know that, they need to have a good solid knowledge base themselves.  

Just €547 A month for 3 months. 

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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