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Let Me Ask You A Question, 
Is Your Website And Social Media
Sleeping On The Job?

If you have a website or social media presence and it's not part of a funnel that's making you sales, then as a business owner (you are a business owner even if you are thinking about opening a business), you know that there is a better way.

You want to have your website and social media driving people into your funnel and making sales, even while you sleep.

As the web works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and as a smart business owner you know, that you must have a system, that just works. this is called a funnel. 

A Funnel! Is something all businesses have already, however you may not look at it like that. How does a funnel work, people find you, talk with you in someway and purchase. Simple, well online works the same way. This is what an inline funnel looks like.  

       Looks more complicated, however it works the same way and you have more ways of getting new clients.

The Success Formula To Selling Online! 

Step 1

              Define and understand your best customer.

Step 2

              Understand WHY your customer wants to buy

Step 3

             Set up a simple Funnell for your  customer to buy your best product.

Step 4

             Test until it works.

Step 5

            AUTOMATE So it works while you sleep. 

No One Knows Your Cutomers As Well As you Do!

Lets be straight with each other, no one knows your business or your customers  like you do, right?

100% right, which is why you must be involved in the marketing and sales process online for your business. 

Would you hand the keys of your business to someone you met for an hour? NO way, yet online that's what most business owners due as they fear that they don't have have the skills to go online, or the time.  Your time, as a business owner, yes that's a challenge, however you have to be part of the setup process, otherwise you are  expecting the person you outsourced to, to be clairvoyant !

I know that's tough, however business takes no prisoners. 

Smart business owners know that they have to learn the basics, so when they outsource or delegate in house, that they can have intelligent  meetings with their people. This is no different if you are a SOLO ENTREPRENEUR, you must have knowledge!  

We also know in the information age Knowledge Is Power

Online Success Secret: Test Small and 

FAIL FAST, might seem strange to say fail, right?

How does failing get you to success?

That's one of the secrets to your success online, build small, build fast, test, fail, fix.

Then when its working right and more importantly making you money, you go for it!

Most people go big , fall over and say this does not work.

Remember we are marketing !


 Test, test is to road to success.

Walk In The Footsteps Of Someone Who Has Done It​... SUCCESSFULLY !!!

One of the fastest routes to success in any aspect of life, is to work with someone who knows the way. Someone who has walked the walk.

When I was retailing years ago, I would have loved to have been able to do what you can do today. You can now have your website and social media be tireless sales people for your business, who won't sleep and will work as much as you want.

All you need is to get it working...

make the first SALE and then you repeat, repeat, repeat!

It's always Simple, When You know The Way !

The Formula To Make Money Online.

The online formula is the exact same as the offline formula, the only difference is the tools you use!

Find Where your Customers are

Get Them to Your Site

Take Payment

The Secret To Success: Your Customer

  • Understand Your Customer! 
    What are their needs, wants desires and how does your product or service serve them.
  • Talk To Them Where They Want You To Talk With Them At!
    Your customer now expects you to be online and be available in the way they want, when they want. If your not, they move on to your competition! Mobile has completely changed how you need to talk with your client. 
  • Let Them Buy Or Book When and How They Want.
    When someone wants to buy or book an appointment with you, then let them.

Lets Go Outside the box... Meet Fred...

​Let's say for example, we event a TIME MACHINE, and we go back to prehistoric times and we meet Fred the ​Caveman, (without the yaba daba doo) and we give Fred a gun and bullets. Yes, I know, a bad thing to give him, however we know Fred only hunts to feed his family and tribe. We leave without saying a word and come back 4 weeks later. 

Which option below do you think is more likely. 

Option A: Fred figures the bullets are sharper than rocks and good to throw at attacking animals, as they scare them and they are shiny, so he can find them easily.

With the gun Fred found that ​by taking it by the barrel, it's a great club. It does not break and he can hit things harder.

Result: Fred is better off than before!

Option B: We come back to find Fred laying in the bush, he says a huge animal that will feed his tribe for a week, he shoots and drops the animal in one.

Result: Fred is a million times better off and he is leveraging the tools to his best advantage.

Now what has that to do with us business owners you may ask! Well, let me explain, in the first option Fred used his new tools in the way he always did and honestly Fred would never know, that he was not getting the maximum results for his new tools. How would he, no one taught him how to shoot. 

So when a lot of business owners go online, they have little or no knowledge. They don't outsource, they abdicate responsibility  to someone else. 

The Bottom line is
In the Information Age  
Knowledge Means Profit!

Lets look at How  You Can  

 Digitize Or Die: Make Sales Online for Your Business

This program has been perfected over 16 months and is for any person starting or growing their business. 

  1. Earn more revenue per customer
  2. Free up more time by automating tasks
  3. 10x Your Sales
  4. Reduce Your Costs
  5. Have your website and Social Media work for you. 
  6. Do more business with your customers.
  7. ​Understand your customers and how to get to buy online

                and so much more...

You also Get
Your Secret Weapon

  • 1
    The Digital Blueprint: it's always a good idea to have a visual representation of your product. It makes it more tangible and more "real" in your reader's mind.
  • 2
    Your Personalized Blueprint: use this list to emphasize the most important benefits of your product.
  • 3
    Create You Funnel: for every feature your product has, try to translate it into a benefit (i.e. a positive end-result your customer will get).

Just Some Of What's Included In The Digitize Blueprint.

You must understand your BEST customer, who they are, where they hang out and how you can sell to them, online  ....

One of the hot topics, social media, should you be on it, which ones should you be, how to make sure it works...

No Traffic, no customers, how do you get customers to go where you want, when you want and get them ...

How to get your funnel tested Fast and understand how to sell more...

What People Say About Digitize Or Die...

The great thing is he tells you what you need to do & then gives you the tools to do it

“I ​started to work with Anthony in January 2017. I ​had been running my business, Inspired Design, for the previous 3 years. But fe​lt like I​'d been running around in circles. Always chasing money, always paying everyone before myself. The worst part was I was very very busy but not making a decent living. ​

​The very first thing Anthony helped me fix was my payments. I was always chasing money but he helped me introduce an online payment system and he gave me the confidence to ​enforce this new system on my clients, the outcome was little or no resistance from them (bar a few) but a whole heap of breathing space and less hassle for me.

Since then Anthony has continued to mentor me. I have built a team of designers both in Ireland and abroad which I work with on a daily basis. This has given me the space to grow my businesses and move deeper into the Digital Marketing world which is where my passion is. My business continues to grow. But the systems Anthony helped me put in place mean that I am no longer a busy fool. I now pay myself first and ontime. I'm more productive and can see all the hard work paying off.

I have been in masterminds & heard Anthony talk to business owners from all different industries, if you think the online world isn't for you then I urge you to talk to him & let him prove you wrong. As he says if you are not getting sales online then there is revenue there which you are leaving behind."

Denise horan
- Inspired Design

“Cutting Edge Training..."

“Have been working with Anthony McCarthy for the last 1​3 months and he & his team really know what they are talking about; assessing your current business status/ creating strategies to improve your business presence online and keeping you accountable & productive at all times
Cutting edge training & follow-up is essential for you and your business... so get connected with The Irish Marketer

Joe Clancy
- ​Clancon Build
joe clancy clancon build

“No BS!"

“This program got me to where I wanted online, I have been wasting time and energy .

I had a website that was no use to me. Now my site gets me appointments and my digital system makes sure that when I meet them, They are prequalified. 

Result: More sales, less time spent.

Anthony;s no BS manner, is a breath of fresh air."

Pat Clancy
- Auctioneer 

What Is Your Investment?

The Full Program is ​ONLY



4 easy monthly payments of €597


Next Program is On
Friday 23rd and Saturday the 24th of Feb.

A Few More Testimonials to Prove it Works for Real People

I thought This Programme Was Amazing.

I thought this programme was amazing. Most marketing presenters are just that. Presenters. Anthony comes from a business background and is very practical about how he deals with business. He has thought me that buy or bye are two of the most important words in my business and as a result of the work I have done so far with him I can see the upturn in my online business

Sean McCarthy
- Natures Pharm: Green Tea

“He Is A Digital Marketing Genius..."

“I count myself fortunate to be working with Anthony McCarthy. He pushes through all the hype and cut incisively to the heart of what was holding my business back. He is a digital marketing genius who is on the cutting edge of what is happening online. If you have the opportunity to work with him in any capacity, I can promise that you'll be glad you did.."

Zane Corriher
- Proformance Professional: Mondelez 

Anthony Mc Carthy

​Over 3 decades of online and offline sales and marketing.

Over the past ten years I have helped countless business owners use the internet and social media to Digitise their business.
A strong track record in brand engagement, brand awareness and community for brands.
By combining social media and mobile we help brands get in front of their market.
He is an international speaker on Mobile and using the web to automate and grow your business.
Anthony has had the honour of consulting for the Irish Government on a number of times, on use of social media, startups etc.
As a serial entrepreneur,AnthonyI has in-depth online and offline marketing knowledge.

Zane Corriher

"I am an engaging and energetic speaker, able to communicate so that others can learn and integrate concepts quickly. I am also a creative developer of content for individuals and teams with exceptional facilitation and leadership skills. I design and deliver materials based on established adult learning theory - including follow up learning after training events. I am focused on blended learning principles and interactive content that enhances the integration of new information.

I possess a keen understanding of the relationship between business imperatives and how to manage learning objectives in a manner congruent with established goal achievement theory. I'm adept at developing rapport and establishing trust quickly – facilitating the ability to influence others."

Denise Horan

​Denise is a ​results driven expert in Digital ​Marketing. ​

For over a decade she was involved with one of Irelands fastest growing companies as the ​Head of ​Design and ​Marketing for the UK and Ireland. She has operated multi national and multi location businesses for the past decade.

Running a worldwide team of web designers, content creators, social media ma​nagers and digital marketers and is always at the cutting edge of the ever changing world of the Internet.

Denise has in-depth real world experience for over two decades of SEO and Digital marketing that gets results. Running digital marketing campaigns, from brand awareness campaigns to lead generation campaigns for numerous multi national clients.

Speaking at events nationwide for such companies as Vodafone, An Post, One4all, Local Enterprise Offices and Bank of Ireland to name a few. On subjects such as Online Marketing, Building Brands, Social Media for Businesses and more.

You May Be Asking is This Program For You?

Then Let Me Ask you This​...
Do you Want To

  • Find More customers!
  • Make More Sales Or get Appointments​ 24 hours A Day!
  • Get An ROI from what you are already spending money on.
  • Expand Your Current Business. 
  • Start up a new Business.

If the answer is YES, then you must know how how to leverage the Internet. 

​This program is exactly for you. 

Let's Look At Your Success Package

Here's Just Some of What's Included

  • 2 day intensive workshop and bootcamp where you learn and work on your business.
  • Training for top experts in their field. Not Just Anthony, you Get Zane Corriher, performance specialist with a Fortune 100 company and Denise Horan, Digital Marketing Expert, Branding & Web Designer​.
  • 45 day, Refining Day, where we look at your results and more.
  • Access to my full outsourcing Team of professionals, for web design, social media ads and so much more...
  • The Dig​ital ​Blueprint for your Business, your workbook that we work through every step of your business so you have your sales funnel designed. Which includes,​ your personalized tailored ​plan for making sales online.  
  • One To One meeting ​to finetune your blueprint.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed